Thursday, 3 November 2011


                         …continuation of international and national situation 

In the background of such a world situation various aspects of National situation have to be assessed objectively.

Through transference of power by way of compromise between the natioanal leadership of the Indian freedom struggle and the British imperialist rulers, the Indian bourgeoisie achieved state power, Exploitation of Indian market by British imperialist – capital through business and trade continued , now ,under  the protection of and increasingly in amaigamation with Indian natioanal bourgeoisie in power. But the said transfer of state power to  the leadership of the Indian bourgeois class brought about significant change in the alignment of class brought about significant change in the alignment of class forces in both pro-revolution and antirevolution sides. Since the state –power went to the hands of the Indian national bourgeois class the revolution in India, despite the imcomplete-ness of the bourgeois democratic revolution on a numb er of scores, enterd the phase of anti-capitalist socialist revolution., Now, it is only the working class which by organizing itself under its revolutionary vanguard and  combining itself under its revolutionary working class toiling and oppressed people can and will have to accomplish this task. It will have to capture state power by overthrowing the national bourgeoisie and its allies in order to advance further the process of social revolutionary transformation of the society.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Globalization of capital

----------continuation of international and national situation

The chieftains of world imperialists – capitalists through I.M.F. World bank and similar other powerful financial agencies at their command playing variously their role in the process, systematically got the GATT agreement accomplished on the basis of Dunkel proposals and built up the World Trade Organization (WTO) and gave shape to at least the first phase of their scheme of globalization of capital.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

So – called economic reforms

-contiuation of international and national situation

In the context of such a situation, primarily with the object of removing all obstacles from the way of free movement of finance capital from ‘market’ to ‘market’ at will, a worldwide wave of so – called ‘economic reforms was initiated and conducted. To remove all protectionist restrictions working so long under different forms in the economy of different countries, to liberalize the tax – structure, licensing system etc., in the economy of different countries, to privatize different sectors of their economy, as far as possible, in different countries are the main pronounced objects of these so – called economic reforms.

The So Called War against Terror

-continuation international and national situation

Even if there is no substantial change of situation in real world capitalists-imperialists are capable of creating an issue plan fully to divert people’s attention from their real enemy towards a fake enemy and keep people engaged in fighting against the same. The so called war against Terror being conducted globally under U.S. – British leadership is one such example on record.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

World Capitalist Economy In Grip of General Crisis

........continuation of International and National situation viewed by CWP. 

The world capitalist economy today is in the grip of an intense general crisis of market. This is the crisis of capitalist overproduction. Over production should not be understood in the sense of surplus after fulfilling the necessities of the people. The capitalist overproduction means that due to extremely low level of purchasing power of the people the scope of consumption of articles in the market, that is, their demand is also as its low ebb. This is the all embracing crisis of recession.

In the industrial sector of economy it is the adverse effect of this crisis that is finding expression in closure of industries, perpetual lay-offs, production below installed capacity in mills and factories, retrenchment of workers, squeezing of scope of employment, soaring unemployment etc. Number of people unemployed has already reached the figure of several crores and it is steadily rising in all countries of the world, backward or advanced, without exception.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL SITUATION viewed by Communist Workers Platform (CWP) Perfect understanding of current world situation in marxiest way

During the last few decades many incidents gravely influencing the world situation have taken place. Only after an objective analysis of how and to what extent and in what specific spheres these incidents have brought about those changes we can correctly play our conscious role in the process of development going on in our country as well as on the world arena.

The first to be mentioned among these happenings is that of attaining independence by the erstwhile colonies. The countries which were under the rule of the imperialists as their colonies have all attained independence one after another, through their respective national independence struggles. In most of those countries the communist parties failed to take up the thread of leadership of the national independence struggles by joining and championing the cause of those struggles which were basically anti-imperialist and anti-feudal in character. The guide-line to be followed by the communist parties in respect of the national independence struggles was chalked out by the international communist leadership.

This development has its many-sided effect on the world situation. In all countries of the world today-not only the old capitalist imperialist countries but also the newly independent erstwhile colonies –there are national bourgeois states. As a result, so far as state-power is concerned, all countries are on the thresh-hold of anti-capitalist Socialist Revolution.

Friday, 2 September 2011


            I must first beg to be excused for my failure to speak to you due to the paralytic attack on my throat making me speechless. I am here before you to-day in connection with the First All India Convention of our organization named Communist Workers Platform (C.W.P). This organization we have started giving shape through this convention with a view to eventually develops it into a new party of the working class an vast masses of toiling people of this country of ours with your support and active co-operation.