Thursday, 3 November 2011


                         …continuation of international and national situation 

In the background of such a world situation various aspects of National situation have to be assessed objectively.

Through transference of power by way of compromise between the natioanal leadership of the Indian freedom struggle and the British imperialist rulers, the Indian bourgeoisie achieved state power, Exploitation of Indian market by British imperialist – capital through business and trade continued , now ,under  the protection of and increasingly in amaigamation with Indian natioanal bourgeoisie in power. But the said transfer of state power to  the leadership of the Indian bourgeois class brought about significant change in the alignment of class brought about significant change in the alignment of class forces in both pro-revolution and antirevolution sides. Since the state –power went to the hands of the Indian national bourgeois class the revolution in India, despite the imcomplete-ness of the bourgeois democratic revolution on a numb er of scores, enterd the phase of anti-capitalist socialist revolution., Now, it is only the working class which by organizing itself under its revolutionary vanguard and  combining itself under its revolutionary working class toiling and oppressed people can and will have to accomplish this task. It will have to capture state power by overthrowing the national bourgeoisie and its allies in order to advance further the process of social revolutionary transformation of the society.

Capitalism in India is already fairly highly developed among the less – developed countries of the world. The Indian capitalist class has already long back developed the features of monopoly capitalism class has already long back developed the features of monopoly capitalism in it and acquired homogeneous character.After achieving state power through independence state monopoly capitalism by bringing about to a relatively strong finance capital and is already  exporting the same to other backward countries  of both East and West.
True, in independent India exploitation by imperialist capital is not only continuing rather its volume has increased many fold and spheres extended many ways during this post- independence period.But increase in volume and extension of spheres did not cause and change of position occupied by imperialism, natioanal capitalism and remnants of feudalism in their class Co-realtion in the camp of enemies of Indian revolution. It could not be otherwise also. Increase or decrease in volume can only add to or diminish the emphasis required to be given on struggle against this or that particular aspect and nothing more.,

It is important to note that today there is rare, if any at all , sphere whre the imperialist (foreign) capital is doing business single –handedly. As a matter of general policy imperialist (foreign ) capital every where in India, are doing business in amalgamation with Indian native capital or in corporate sectors so as to avoid the risk of being targeted separated by any democratic movement or people’s offensive.

Whereas before achievement of independence imperialist capital doing exploitative business in India menat only British capital doing the same. Now , thanks to globalization and India’s participating role in that, colossal amount of capital from several imperialist countrires have found entry into Indian market and are doing business simultaneously and competitively in various spheres of country’s economy. Thus struggle against imperialist explotation continues to reamin imperative for the Indian people with the strategic difference that today the said struggle has to be fought, in reality , as a struggle against the national bourgeois class saddled in power, which is inviting, helping and protecting theimperialist capital’s interests here. That ,imperialist capital is doing business in continuously increasing volume in our country today can not be equated with or termed as colonial , semi-colonial or neo-colonial explotation because of the simple reason that there is nothing like compulsion – physical or otherwise – compelling the national bourgeoisie in power here to invite foreign capital to exploit Indian market other that its own gread and dream of flourishing speedily through such collaboration. Indian national bourgeois class and its state are free to harbour any such hope or dream and do such exercises for their own development in given situation. It is altogether a different thing, whether such dreams will ever come true or not through the joint ventures with imperialist multinationals and other financial agencies. But in case its object in such joint ventures with foreign imperialist capital suffers loss financially terming those failures as neo – colonialist attack or semi – colonialist exploitation etc. of the foreign imperialists is simply obnoxious.

Those who see thinks like this and are issuing call to the workers, making appeal to their fine patriotic feelings, to the workers, making appeal to their fine patriotic feelings , to wage struggle against such so-called neo colonial attacks etc. of the imperialists are in reality and objectively trying to make the workers play the role of appendage of the national bourgeoisie. It does not matter if they are doing so knowingly or unknowingly.

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